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From now until I say so... [11 Oct 2010|01:44pm]

Created by crystalic_chick

*banner by crystalgraphics*

I've noticed I've been talking about things lately that I'd like to keep private. Some of you may be like, whatever, but I just feel that way. I'll still have some public entries, but when I just don't want my business in the open, it'll be locked up. So if you're not my friend already and you like what you see, comment to be added.
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Happy Birthday [25 Aug 2007|07:39am]
[ mood | happy ]

Happy Birthday cherriboo!!!

I hope it is wonderful and I hope you have a blessed day!!

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[06 Dec 2005|09:31pm]
Happy Birthday smooches1_!
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I want money, lots and lots of money [08 Aug 2005|02:10pm]
We're gonna see if this works. Please click the link below so I can get referrals. And it's free if you don't mind reading e-mails.

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Happy Birthday Journal! [02 Aug 2005|08:39pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

I just wanted to wish my journal a happy birthday!!!

I'm so corny. I didn't think I'd keep this up but I did. Go me!!

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[01 Aug 2005|04:56pm]

Taken from koolassken ..I'm wondering if this works...


Supposedly The Phone Will Ring Right After You Do This. Just read the little stories and think of a wish as you scroll all the way to the bottom. There is a message there - then make your wish. No attachment on this one. Stories I'm 13 years old, and I wished that my dad would come home from the army, because he'd been having problems with his heart and right leg. It was 2:53 p.m . When I made my wish. At 3:07 p.m. (14 minutes later), the doorbell rang, and there my Dad was, luggage and all!! I'm Katie and I'm 20 and I've been having trouble in my job and on the verge of quitting. I made a simple wish that my boss would get a new job. That was at 1:35 and at 2:55 there was an announcement that he was promoted and was leaving for another city. Believe me...this really works!!! My name is Ann and I am 45 years of age. I had always been single and had been hoping to get into a nice, loving relationship for many years. While kind of daydreaming (and right after receiving this email) I wished that a quality person would finally come into my life. That was at 9:10 AM on a Tuesday. At 9:55 AM a FedEx delivery man came into my office.He was cute, polite and could not stop smiling at me. He started coming back almost everyday (even without packages) and asked me out a week later. We married 6 months later and now have been happily married for 2 years. What a great email it was!! Just scroll down to the end, but while you do, think of a wish. Make your wish when you have completed scrolling. Whatever age you are, is the number of minutes it will take for your wish to come true. ex.you are 25 years old, it will take 25 minutes for your wish to come true). However, if you don't send this to people in 5 minutes, you will have bad luck for years!! Go for it!!! SCROLL DOWN!!!! * ** *** **** ****** ******** ********** ************ ************** **************** ****************** ******************* ******************** ********************* ********************** *********************** ************************ ************************* ************************** *************************** **************************** ***************************** ****************************** ******************************* ******************************** ********************************* ********************************** ****************************** ***** ********************************** ********************************* ******************************** ******************************* ****************************** ***************************** **************************** *************************** ************************** ************************ ************************ *********************** ********************** ********************* ******************** ******************* ****************** ***************** **************** *********** **** ************** ************* ************ *********** ********** ********* ******** ******* ****** ***** **** *** ** * STOP!!! Congratulations!!! Your wish will now come true in your age minutes. Now follow this carefully....it can be very rewarding!!!! If you repost this within the next 5 min. something major that you've been wanting will happen. This is scary! The phone will ring right after you do this

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[16 Feb 2005|03:42pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

I am so sleepy it is beyond ridiculous.....
Can't sleep straight, can't think straight...wait actually I can, just gotta laugh it off.
My diet is even screwed up!

Who'd thought someone could have that much of an effect on you?

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bored again [22 Jan 2005|02:11am]
What Color is Your Brain?

brought to you by Quizilla
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free i-pods [16 Dec 2004|06:45pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I've actually seen people get their i-pods from this deal. Please support me and in turn it will work for you too!


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VOTE!! [02 Nov 2004|12:38am]
[ mood | artistic ]

that is all....

~Dat Golden Girl Niecey

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My Power Color [19 Oct 2004|02:34pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

This is definitely me. </f>

Your Power Color Is Blue

Relationships and feelngs are the most important things to you.
You are empathetic and accepting - and good at avoiding conflict.
If someone close to you is in pain, it makes you hurt as well.
You try to heal the ones you love with your kind and open heart.

What's Your Power Color? Take This Quiz :-)

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Presidential Debate [30 Sep 2004|08:33pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Everyone, friends and foes,

Watch the debate tonight. Know what you are getting yourself into. Know who is running your country and who may be running it. Hell, educate yourselves please!

Rock the Vote
or what have you, just vote damnit and don't make no lame excuses!

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This is my scent... [07 Sep 2004|12:50pm]
After the quiz, this was my result... I have more stuff to talk about later but don't have time right now.

Your Scent is Glow

Fresh, sexy, and clean.

You're real, intimate, and exciting.

Your lush sensuality appeals to men...

And you're as sexy as Jennifer Lopez.

Power scents: Orange flower, grapefruit, and citrus.

What Scent Are You? Take This Quiz :-)

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now this makes sense [30 Aug 2004|02:57pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I like this one better. That georgia one makes all of us seem like we're country hicks...

You Know You're From Atlanta When...

You give directions starting with, "Go down Peachtree" and include the phrase, "When you see the Waffle House."

You only know their way to work and their way home.

You only drink Coke or Diet Coke - drinking Pepsi is blasphemy.

You know to wear sneakers to the airport.

The 8:00 AM rush hour is from 6:30 to 10:30 AM. The 5:00 PM rush hour is from 3:00 to 7:30 PM. Friday's rush hour starts Thursday afternoon, and lasts through 2:00 AM Saturday.

You use "Sir" and "Ma'am" if there's a remote possibility that person you're talking to is least 30 minutes older than you are.

You can Ponce De Leon Avenue correctly.

The falling of one rain drop causes all drivers to immediately forget all traffic rules.

If a single snowflake falls, the city is paralyzed for three days, and it's on all the channels as a news flash every 15 minutes for a month. All the grocery stores will be sold out of milk, bread, bottled water, toilet paper, and beer.

If there is a remote chance of snow, and if it does snow, people will be on the corner selling "I survived the blizzard" tee-shirts, not to mention the fact that all schools will close at the slightest possible chance of snow.

If you are standing on a corner and a MARTA Bus stops, you're expected to get on and go somewhere.

Construction on Peachtree Street is a way of life and a permanent form of entertainment, especially when a water line is tapped and Atlanta's version of Old Faithful erupts.

Construction crews are not doing their jobs properly unless they close down all major streets during rush hour.

You never go 55 on "The Watermelon 500 or the Georgia 400.

You know you're not allergic to pollen, because if you were - you'd be dead already.

You've never gone around the block and ended up on the street you started on.

You know where 'Butthead' and 'F*ckhead' are, and it's the same part of town.

ou haven't been downtown at night in years

You've woken up at 4:30 am on workdays to beat the traffic to work, intending to leave work before 3 pm to compensate.

You know at least five different ways to get to work, none of them ideal

You know what "sunshine slowdown", "auto-flambe'", "topside" mean, and what color a H.E.R.O. is.

You know where PIB, JCB, FIB, MLK, PDK and "Grady curve" are, and you try to never go there during any of the nine hours of rush "hour"

You've thought about getting a blow-up companion for the front passenger seat

You hope you are the one to spot the vehicle that is the subject of the latest "Amber Alert" which has been flashing for ten minutes on the DOT message board exactly 13.5 feet above the hood of your SUV

You've been in traffic on 85, 75, 20 or 400 (choose one) - wondering if your fuel, your cell-phone battery and your bladder will make it to the next exit, just 1/2 mile ahead

It's 4:30 pm Sunday, you're stone-cold sober and you've just finished the last left-over hot dog when you realize that in exactly 12 hours you have to get up and go to work - again

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Atlanta.

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My city relations [11 Aug 2004|05:34pm]
Ok, i found this and it's hilarious because you can relate with things. But, being born and raised in Georgia half this ish isn't true, espeically since i'm black. I'm not trying to go into a race issue thingy but it's just how you relate to things. Getting to my house does not involve turning off the paved road, fried chicken is a big thing here but it is not the major part of my diet, all wal-marts do not have cotton fields across from them but it is sure damn a lot of them! oh yea, gooo dawgs! and you know i don't say howdy, i just say hey, but it is followed with "whatchu doin?"

You Know You're From Georgia When...

Sweet tea is THE drink. No questions.

When a waitress asks what you want to drink and you say Coke, she asks "What kind?"

"Ya'll" is a word.

Atlanta is known as "The City."

You know the difference between a hillbilly, a redneck, and a Southerner.

The one way to be killed in .5 seconds is to talk about somebody's mama or talk bad to somebody's mama.

Krispy Kreme dounuts are the only kind of dounuts you eat.

Fried chicken is a major part of your diet.

When the Goverment started telling people to stock up on duck tape, you were waaaaaaaaaay ahead of them.

You walk into someone's house and people are sitting around smoking what they call "the garden"

On one side of the road there's Wal-Mart and on the other is a cotton field

You greet people with"Howdy, Whachu doin?"

You know what a 'dawg' is.

You know people who consider a six pack and a bug zapper quality entertainment.

The directions to your house include "turn off the paved road."

Your dog and your wallet are both on chains.

You still call the refrigerator the "icebox".

You call it a cold Christmas if you don't break out in a sweat in your new sweater.

Your whole town completely shuts down for 1 inch of snow or just the threat of snow

You know at least three streets named "Peachtree"

You don't know anyone who drinks Pepsi.

The last thing you want to do is give another driver the finger...
unless your car is armored, your trigger finger is itchy and your AK-47 has a full clip.

It is not a shopping cart, it is a buggy.

People actually grow, eat and like okra!

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Georgia.

Now this stuff i can laugh at because when tourists come to D.C. it's annoying that they stand on the wrong side of the escalator, especially since everyone is in a rush in DC, ESPECIALLY when you are trying to get on the metro and you see your train coming....yes during rush hour the trains come every 3 minutes but don't let it be late night, you'll be waiting damn near 20 mins for this little ass train that is crowded as hell.

You Know You're From Washington DC When...

You say you're from DC, but you actually live in VA or MD but are too tired to explain where.

You don't consider exploding man hole covers to be an unusual occurrence.

You know where the Pentagon really is but never bother to correct anyone about its location.

When it takes you 45 minutes to drive 3 miles on I-66, 95, 395, 495, 50, 123, 29, or 270, it's a pretty good day.

There are at least fifteen ways to get everywhere and you know which way to go based on the weather, time of day, current political climate, terrorism road closures, and whether you are coming or going.

You pay more money in parking tickets in a year than you do in medical bills, college costs and rent combined.

You know that driving through Georgetown, you will hear the music of the car next to you louder than you can hear your own.

"I got stuck behind a motorcade" is a common and real excuse for being late.

"Finding a parking space" actually becomes an appointment on your calendar. (E.g.. 7:00-8:00 Gym, 8:30-9:00PM - find a parking space, 9:00-10:30PM - Dinner reservations.)

You've never once been to Wal-Mart and don't even know if there is one.

When you say you're going to the mall and you don't mean shopping.

You never refer to the 'Metro' as the 'subway'.

You elbow tourists out of the way on the Metro escalators to "gently"
emind them to WALK LEFT, STAND RIGHT.

Going to work early means being there by 9:00AM.

You don't bat an eye at 500 politicians and businessmen in suits running like their lives depended on it just to catch a Metro that will be followed by another in 90 seconds.

You call it Targét, not Target, and are well aware that the one in Alexandria is just a "tad different".

When Washington National Airport is and will always be "WASHINGTON NATIONAL", not "Reagan National".

You can tell by people's cars where they live and maybe even what neighborhood.

You've claimed that there's nothing to do on a weekend night even when you have the entire nation's capitol to explore.

You have the Metro map memorized, yet act like you don't know when someone asks you how to get to Metro Center.

You meet someone else who says they're from the DC area and you realize they live two hours away from you.

You notice that there's been construction on the same stretch of highway for the past 5 years and you've never see anyone working on it.

You know you've crossed into Northern Virginia, without ever seeing a sign, only because your speedometer goes from 60 to 0.

You know that Vietnam is no longer in the South Pacific, it's now been re-located to Seven Corners.

The few times you have gotten lost in DC you have somehow ALWAYS ended up in Anacostia and every road out somehow leads back to Anacostia.

You realize that I-395 is Northern Virginia's version of NASCAR.

There is no such thing as North, South, East, or West on the beltway, it's just go "that" way!(Inner circle / outer circle)

You go anywhere on the Eastern Shore, Rehoboth, Dewey, Ocean City, Skyline Drive, or the Outer Banks for vacation and everyone you meet is from DC

Snow means rain to you

Ice on the roads just means that you pay more attention to other cars, but still go 75 mph on the highways

You can see the national cathedral from almost anywhere

You know at least 2 rowers

You know that Georgetown is NOT only a school

You consider Northern VA to be in no way similar to southern VA

You know which bridges to cross to get to Maryland or VA

You actually know goes on in Dupont circle

You can't go to Tysons Mall without seeing someone you know!!

You have a few friends who don't know what their parents do...It's Top Secret government work.

People don't ask you if Chevy Chase is named after the actor.

You can harmonize perfectly with the alert for "Doors Closing" on the Metro

50% of your senior class went to Mason, JMU, Tech, VCU or UVA

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from DC.

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